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0001 key Library – selected readings
0000 Intro selected readings for ‘Quality in the spotlight’ conference in
2021 Shreffier Book chapter
Diagnostic Testing Accuracy: Sensitivity, Specificity, Predictive Values and Likelihood Ratios
2021 Poindexter Univ NCarolina CH
COVID-19 pandemic highlights critical need for medical laboratory professionals
2021 Mojsoska Sensors 21, 390
Rapid SARS-CoV-2 Detection Using Electrochemical Immunosensor
2021 Goel PLM
Analysis of performance of clinical biochemistry laboratory using Sigma metrics and Quality Goal Index
2021 VMI on The Classic Partnership Advertising – Dubai Health Authority – Rx Prescription Stickers from WPP on
2020 Zhu Track Trends 130,115984
2020 Sten Six Sigma Metric Analysis for Analytical Testing Processes Abbott
2020 Sten JApplLabMed 3, 480-493
2020 Report_2_COVID19_rapidtests_Noklus
Evaluation of 17 rapid tests for detection of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2
2020 Oliver PLM
Real-world use of key performance indicators for point-of-Care Testing network accredited by ISO 22870
2020 Nichols AACC Academy
ACC Guidance Document on Management of Point-of-Care Testing
2020 Miscio JofTMed
Evaluation of the diagnostic accuracy of a new point-of-care rapid test for SARS-CoV-2 virus detection
2020 Micocci
Is Point-of-Care testing feasible and safe in care homes in England? An exploratory usability and accuracy evaluation of Point-of-Care Polymerase Chain Reaction test for SARS-COV-2
2020 Jacobs PulmAdv nov
2020 Guidance for SARS-CoV-2 Point-of-Care Testing CDC
2020 Buchner Qserve Blog
Why PPV and NPV Should be Considered When Setting Sensitivity and Specificity Requirements?
2020 Anbefaling vedr. implementering og anvendelse af POCT DSKB
2019 Gilles Westgard website
A Manufacturer’s Perspective on Sigma-metrics: Sysmex
2019 Eckschlager PLM
Comparative analysis of high CRP-levels in human blood using point-of-care and laboratory-based methods
2019 Borfitz DiagnosticWorld
No Crystal Ball On Future Of Point- Of-Care Testing
2018 Sandberg APS-II-and-biological-variation Lab Quality days
Performance specifications with special emphasis on biological variation
2018 Oosterhuis Clin. Chem. Lab. Med. -1
The use of error and uncertainty methods in the medical laboratory
2018 Mao Biochem Med
Evaluating analytical quality in clinical biochemistry laboratory using Six Sigma
2018 Lenters-Westra JofDSandT
Evaluation of Four HbA1c Point-of-Care Devices Using International Quality Targets: Are They Fit for the Purpose?
2018 Ivo Leito Interrelation between the concepts of precision, videocourse
2018 Goldschmidt The 2016 Antwerp meeting on TQM in Laboratory Medicine
2017 Westgard clinchem
Planning Risk-Based SQC Schedules for Bracketed Operation of Continuous Production Analyzers
2017 Westgard Clin Lab Med
Risk, Error and Uncertainty: Laboratory Quality Management in the Age of Metrology
2017 Oosterhuis jlpm
Analytical performance specifications in clinical chemistry: the holy grail?
2017 Kristensen IJERPH
Variation in Point-of-Care Testing of HbA1c in Diabetes Care in General Practice
2017 IHE Wiki
2017 Fraser mail exchange
2017 Fraser editorial jlpm 2017
2016 Westgard Opinion CCLM
Useful measures and models for analytical quality management in medical laboratories
2016 Sten Westgard Website
Quality Goals at the Crossroads: Growing, Going, or Gone?
2016 Shephard CSIRO book
2016 Panteghini Editorial CCLM
Total error vs. measurement uncertainty: the match continues
2016 Oosterhuis Opinion CCLM
Total error vs. measurement uncertainty: revolution or evolution?
2016 Kallner Opinion CCLM
Is the combination of trueness and precision in one expression meaningful? On the use of total error and uncertainty in clinical chemistry
2016 Jim Westgard website
Milan 2014 Consensus Draft on Quality Specifications
2016 ISO/TC 212
2015 Watson CCLM
European views on patients directly obtaining their laboratory test results
2015 Simundic Annals of CB
Biological variation: a still evolving facet of laboratory medicine
2015 Sandberg Consensus CCLM
Defining analytical performance specifications: Consensus Statement from the 1st Strategic Conference of the European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine
2015 Panteghini Editorial CCLM
2015 Oosterhuis review CCLM
2015 Oosterhuis EFLM Task Force
2015 Oosterhuis CCLM
2015 Lippi Opinion CCLM
2015 Larsson UpJMS
2015 Krouwer Diab Sc Tech
2015 Khorovskaya Lab Q Days
2015 Karkalousos IJBLS
2015 Hyltoft Petersen Opinion CCLM
2015 Graziani report EFLM conference
2015 Biswas Ind J Clin Biochem
2015 Audit Group ACB
2014 Suni Jukka LQD
2014 Plebani opinion CCLM
2014 Plebani Biochem Med
2014 Horvath AACC meeting
2014 Gorenjak SIGNA VITAE
2014 Fraser EFLM Milan
2014 Auletta on Holmes New Yorker
2013 Walz Clin Lab Med
2013 Sandberg EFLM presentaation
2013 Misbah CLIN PATH
2013 Ivanov thesis
2013 Aakre Tidsskr Nor Legeforen
2012 Lehe PLoS ONE
2011 Pantteghini CIRME Meeting
2011 O’Kane Clin Chem 57, 1267
2011 Noble POLQM
2011 Llopis Book on QC
2010 Ricos Biological Variation, a practical review, BioRad symposia
2010 Junker DAI, 107 (33)561-7
2010 Dimeski AnnCB
2010 Cooper Opinion CCLM
2010 Cooper IQCP
2010 Boren JofDSandT
2009 Zecca CCLM
2009 Shahangian LMQI
2009 Ross ACB
2009 Hyltoft Petersen EQALM
2009 Giles WESTGARD QC website
2008 Simundic ejifcc
2008 Jensen CCLM
2006 O’Leary Pathology 2026
2005 Stahl CCLM
2004 Simundic EFLM WG-PA
2004 Goldschmidt Nexus CCLM
2004 Goldschmidt Editorial AQA
2003 Stroobants CCA
2002 Stroobants TQM poster
2002 Bonini Errors_in_Laboratory_Medicine
2001 Kallner eJIFCC
2001 Fraser AACC Press book, some pages
1999 EQALM a network of external quality assurance programmes in laboratory medicine in Europe.