We intended to organize the “Quality in the Spotlight” meeting in Antwerp May 2020. This is a high level, interactive conference on quality issues in laboratory medical diagnostics. However due to the COVID-19 epidemic were are forced to cancel this meeting. To our utmost regrets of course.

However we arranged with the conference hotel that the conference will be moved to 21th and 22th March 2022.

Our program, as well as all kind of other arrangements, was in a final phase. So we kindly ask you if it is possible to participate on March 21th and 22th 2022.

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We are on the move and in good company! The 2018 meeting on NEXT GENERATION was very positive, inspiring and provocative at the same time. Youngsters as well as oldsters gave their scientific views on the present and future world of laboratory medicine. The room was filled with millennials, in the audience and on stage. Having noted this, it is now time to move on. We adapted to disruptive innovations, we thought outside the box, we distinguished between genuine science and fraud, so now it is time to move on. 2021 is coming and the laboratory medicine world is changing. It is becoming more customer’ driven, more reliable and more outcome focused. Results from evidence-based laboratory medicine studies accompany the introduction of new laboratory tests. The cell phone as a testing device is becoming a common phenomenon. Nevertheless statistical analysis is still key. Learn from and contribute to this ongoing discussion. Register for this meeting early, join your colleagues in Antwerp !

Full registration: 955 € (before January 1st 2022: 855 €)
Registration on-line conference  395 € (before January 1st 2022: 345 €