Masterclass (POCT) Quality specifications in the medical laboratory Monday JULY 12 2021

Dear colleague, dear friend,

With a clear enthusiasm we announce a MASTERCLASS titled “(POCT) Quality specifications in the medical laboratory”. We were forced to reschedule the physical conference into 2022. But we have the feeling that some developments within the field of laboratory medical diagnostics are so important that we would like to share these with you at this very moment. logo 2022

So in a half day digital MASTERCLASS we will inform you during an interactive, high-level series of lectures. We found a panel of 4 world leaders willing to school and inform us of these latest important developments within the field of POC laboratory testing.

Hereby a preliminary layout of the program:

  • Prof Sharon Ehrmeyer on laboratory POC regulations
  • Dr Snežana Jovičić and Dr Christian Schoenmakers on the POC goals of the end-user
  • Prof James Westgard and Sten Westgard MS on statistical requirements on POC tests and instruments
  • Prof Ivan Brandslund on the future of laboratory POC

Four dazzling presentations will for sure keep you on your toes and inspire you.

The complete abstract: Abstracts and program MASTERCLASS v11 

This event MASTERCLASS ‘Quality specifications in the medical laboratory’ will take place on Monday July 12th 2021 starting 14:00 hours ending 18:00 hours (CET, Amsterdam time zone).Schermafbeelding 2021-03-10 om 10.57.57

Also because entry as well as exit questions will be applied, it should be easy to get accreditation points from your national body.

The registration fee is 75 euro. The fee includes digital conference materials.  Participants who have already registered for the conference in Antwerp in 2022 will receive the invitation to the masterclass free of charge.

Join us, for the Deep insights, different views and the latest updates.
We hope to meet you in July in the cloud, best
regards, stay healthy,also on behalf of Mrs Lia Konings (Secretariat), Mr Tjitze Dijkstra (manager conference, host), Dr Stacy Walz (Q&A manager, co-host),

Henk Goldschmidt, chairman “Quality in the Spotlight’

A sponsoring package is available: Marketing package MASTERCLASS

This MASTERCLASS ‘Quality in the Spotlight’ on Schermafbeelding 2021-03-23 om 19.09.51
POCT  diagnostic laboratory testing of July 12th 2021 is executed under the auspices of IFCC (International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine) and EFLM.