Masterclass 2021

Masterclass (POCT) Quality definitions for Medical Laboratories
held on July 12 2021:

– Program and Abstracts: Abstracts and program MASTERCLASS
– Slides of S. Ehrmeyer’s lecture: Masterclass Lecture 1 Ehrmeyer
– Slides of the lecture of  S. Jovicic & C. Schoenmakers: Masterclass Lecture 2 Jovicic&Schoenmakers
– Slides of the lecture of S&J Westgard: Masterclass Lecture 3 J&S Westgard
– Slides of the lecture of I. Brandslund: Masterclass Lecture 4 Brandslund
– Results of the Pre- and Post- lecture polls: Pre- & Post- lecture polls
– Evaluation of the Masterclass: evaluation masterclass
– A link to the recording of the complete Masterclass: recorded Masterclass