The place to be ….

Good news! We found for our upcoming meeting, two inspiring places to gather. 

In the tradition of disruptive innovation we hired the entire top floor of the L!nders Hotel in Antwerp (Lange Kievitstraat 125, B-2018 Antwerp). Because the Elzenveld is involved in a yearlong renovation process we had to look elsewhere. The transparent top floor is build on a trendy modern hotel, that not only looks contemporary but really is from this day and age. It is conveniently situated just next to Antwerp central railway station; but without the noise of the trains.

The top floor (12th) of the L!nders hotel in Antwerp

The L!nders Hotel on Kievitplein in Antwerp, next to the Central Railway Station, has redesigned its 12th floor with sky bar and meeting rooms. This floor was renovated in early 2019. Among other things, the WTC sky lounge coffee corner was given a new look, inspired by the shipping containers and cranes of the port of Antwerp. The carpet then refers to the waves of the Scheldt River. The meeting rooms were also tackled, giving the floor a butterfly look. The result is very colorful.

Coffee Lounge

Schermafbeelding 2020-02-19 om 15.44.47

As soon as you enter, you will feel welcomed by the warm & colorful design of the Coffee Lounge and recognize a subtle ambiance of the Port of Antwerp: sea container contours incorporated in the coffee corner, waves of the Scheldt recurring in the carpet and metal elements inspired by the historic harbor cranes you can still see at the banks of our beloved Scheldt.

Sky lounge 1

Schermafbeelding 2020-02-19 om 15.45.00

When we think of Antwerp, obviously the famous painter Peter-Paul Rubens comes upon our minds. Not only the combination of warm colors and rounded shapes in the carpet but also the wall decoration remind us of his refined painting techniques.

WTC Sky Lounge 1, with its impressive view over the city and a V-shaped boardroom setup, is ideal for our scientific advisory board and board of recommendation meeting in the lunch break of Tuesday April 20th.  Equipped with the latest wireless technology, 100% Alexa-controlled.

Sky lounge 2

Schermafbeelding 2020-02-19 om 15.45.24

Connected to a large terrace along the hotel’s façade, this panoramic polyvalent Sky Lounge can accommodate up to 150 people. The carpet’s design in natural colors symbolizes a rough diamond, artistic elements that are also reflected in the wall decoration. Thanks to the high-tech wireless infrastructure, several screens can display high quality projections at the same time. The dynamic WTC Sky Lounge 2 offers a wide range of possibilities to wow any target group!

Sky lounge 3

Schermafbeelding 2020-02-19 om 15.45.42

The presence of the iconic Antwerp Zoo is a must in our Sky Lounge trilogy. The shape and cell structure of the wings of an elegant butterfly with vibrant colors are creatively represented in the wall covering and carpet of this state-of-the-art room were we will pick up our lunch materials.


Schermafbeelding 2020-02-19 om 15.45.53

It homes intimate seating’s with stunning panoramic views over the beautiful city of Antwerp.  A large terrace on the 12th floor of the L!nders hotel is present. At Lindner Antwerp you will reach the sky!

Schermafbeelding 2019-10-17 om 19.28.09

To honor the tradition of our meeting (as a matter a fact this is the 19th edition!) we found Restaurant August (Jules Bordetstraat 5, B-2018 Antwerp, welcome@august-antwerp.com). A former Augustinian cloister, beautifully renovated, in which we will enjoy the conference dinner! The rewarded chef will entirely be at our disposal for this evening. Here we enjoy the hospitality of historical Antwerp.

Antwerp can be reached by car, train or plane. One can fly to Amsterdam or Brussels and take from there public transportation. The railway station of Antwerp is a typical structure that is located next to the zoo.