2 August 2019

Join the groove in laboratory medicine

What makes the world go around?  People say money makes the world go round.

In my own opinion is ideas makes world go round. Simple because money is a product of idea: no idea no money. 


Listen in what quality in laboratory medicine has to say …. and join the groove ….

May 2020 we will meet in Antwerp; the program for these two days is in de middle of development. Professor Westgard and his son Sten will be present as well as many old and new colleagues. The 2018 version was focused on the new age. Speakers as well as participants were very young. They spread a vibrating enthusiasm regarding the field of laboratory medicine that inspired all present. And now the journey goes on …. . 

They upcoming version will focus on POC testing and the quality delivered as well as desired. 

Using the QR code will lead one to the ‘Quality in the Spotlight’ website enabling to register. 


To download previous programs and lectures just mail to TQMantwerp@gmail.com and Lia Konings will provide those right away. Attached is the card that will be present at the AACC meeting in Anaheim as well.

Have a good summer, best regards on behave of Lia Konings, Stacy Walz and Tjitze Dijkstra,

Henk Goldschmidt,

Chairman The Quality Meeting in Antwerp



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