2 April 2019

Breaking news: 

A novel view on quality in point-of-care-testing is developed based upon a worldwide survey.

Sten Westgard performed together with Sharon Ehrmeyer, Jim Westgard and Henk Goldschmidt a 29 questions survey on quality in POCT.
127 responders provided a lot of useful information and enabled the surveyors to formulate the current state of the art in POC testing.
Based upon that an extrapolation into the future was made. 

Coming conference in Antwerp (11th and 12th of May, 2020) for sure a compilation of this study will be presented by either of these writers.
In case you have any specific questions on this subject (‘quality in POC testing’) do not hesitate and approach one of these writers by posting a question on our chat board (our website can be reached as http://www.qualityinthespotlight.com and a blog was installed on the website as a standard function of ‘Wordpress’).

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