December 5, 2018

The format of the conference to be held in 2020 is rapidly shaping.

Time is money and on-time is quality. In laboratory medicine this can be translated into the question: with tests should be analyzed POC and which in a central laboratory. This has also to do with the reason of a test request: a differential diagnosis or a monitoring therapeutic situation. In other words does it concern an acute or a chronic patient? Ivan Branslund and his colleagues constructed a beautiful laboratory in Denmark with fast turn-around-times and there the distinction between POCT and CLT (central lab testing) is vanishing in the advantage of the latter. On the other hand many inexpensive, good quality instruments are entering the marketplace and serving the needs of the patient and the physician in charge. What are the demands of de patients ? What can industry offer ? Is lab-on-a-chip (LOC) still an option ? After THERANOS, who will be the new kid on the block ? Where is the place to be for proBNP testing, for troponine testing, for PSA testing, for the iSTAT / Epoc instruments ?

Antwerps’ fashion design is synonymous for quality; so this will be part of the program as well.


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