About the event 2021

Dear colleague, dear friend,

We intended to organize the Quality in the Spotlight meeting in Antwerp May 11th and 12th. This is a high level, interactive conference on quality issues in laboratory medical diagnostics. However due to the COVID-19 epidemic were are forced to cancel this meeting. To our utmost regrets of course.

However we arranged with the conference hotel that the conference will be moved to 19th and 20th April 2021.

Our program, as well as all kind of other arrangements, was in a final phase.

So we kindly ask you if it is possible to participate not in May this year but on April 19th and 20th 2021.

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Quality management in laboratory medicine 2.0


The world is on the move. Traditional systems are replaced by brand new ones, new technologies are introduced, new alliances are made, all kind of opportunities are popping up.

Laboratory medicine is also taking steps forward. What will be in the spotlight in laboratory medicine in 2025? Quality management as a systematic approach started a century ago, in the slipstream of the industrial revolution around 1900. Will trend analysis, Westgard rules and total-error specifications survive in the (near) future?

A grasp of the changes these days: the material change (from venipuncture blood towards fingerprick blood), the instrumental change (from high-end robotics to small POCT instruments and nano technology), the personnel change (from lab workers towards everybody) and so on …

Now it is clear how we should deal with the total error and the measurement uncertainty in the daily practice of laboratory work, we can focus on the future of quality in Laboratory medicine. What are the real needs?; what should be done?, where lay the opportunities?

Away from paperwork, back to the bench !
A challenging and historic meeting will be in Antwerp in April 2021. Join and enjoy!

The Westgard Quality Award will again be presented to an outstanding scientist in the field of TQM in medical laboratories. Speakers such as Prof. Sharon Ehrmeyer and Prof. Jim O. Westgard, but also youngsters and many others will again guarantee an inspiring and thought-provoking program.

Take a glimpse at the program:   program antwerp TQM 2021 v 1.1

Secretary Mrs. Lia Konings, Chair Dr. Henk Goldschmidt, Co-chair, Dr Stacy Walz, Coordinator Mr Tjitze Dijkstra

Foundation TQM, Tilburg, The Netherlands
tel +31 6 1088 2603,
e-mail TQMantwerp@gmail.com